Sunday, February 14, 2016

Strangest Revelation

It is strange. Believe it or not, playing piano can make me so excited that I always end up having this irregular bowel movement which forced me running to the toilet. It is soooo weird. 

The complementary medicine that I had 2 days before (read: extreme massaging and/ or exorcism) was too much. It felt like being beaten by the WWE champion. My body ached all over. I swear I am never going to go for such treatment ever again. I hereby give up to healthy stomach if that's the only way to treat it. I do believe that there's other better way to treat this illness though. Hmppph!

tengok. sampai lebam mata kene tonyoh. orang tak nampak lebam tu. aku je nampak dan rasa. sakit dowhhhh!!!

Till now, my body has these bruises and swollen skin. It was too much. Even my skin hurts when I lay my back down in the satin-soft bed. Ughhh. I thought I was gonna die. Luckily I am still alive. 

I try everything to get my stomach ache cured. From boiling homemade 4-ingredient concoction to buying expensive aloevera drink. It's not easy to stay healthy right?


I am thinking of buying a keyboard piano to play some of my favourite piano pieces.

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Mengapa Sulit Mengaku Cinta said...

Grammar Nazi ist here..or grammar zionist ist her.
Das ist fantastisch nicht wenn das grammas ist right nicht.
Should be Acha's. Super Junior

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