Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

the one who got away.

she used to be dreaming big. she used to be so engrossed with something she'd cling onto: obsessive possessive. whenever she gets a hold of something she found interesting, she'd go hunting info about it and be engulfed in the world of obsession. nevertheless, she has short attention span that she always get diverted along the way. although she dreamed big, she wouldn't be able to realize that dream without strong determination and rigid principles. for a person to make history in life, he/she should have definite set of goals and dreams to be accomplished. you want to change the world? fine. change your life first. defeat that demon in you. then only you can strive for better. ameen~



went to a cousin's wedding. people then asked, what about you? when you gonna get married? i should answer this, "i already got married. i married this," and showed them the picture:


rileks la. baru 27. time to build career first. eheh.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


I suddenly remembered watching the commemorative video by HSBC. It was an interview of a group of women aged between 31 and 45 years old. The title was "What would you tell your 21-year-old self". It was so inspiring. There are things that we probably would regret doing when we were younger. As we grow older, we may come to realize that things were gonna be much simpler if we take things steadily instead of being too serious in tackling our matters. In fact, we tend to perceive our life as a big lump of complex conundrum that we had risked losing the true essences of life by tripping on the never-ending journey to search for the solutions. It's okay to pause and have a rest before resuming on that bumpy road. 

It might stem from the fact that we were not mature enough in the past years to figure out how to exactly take those complex things head on without sacrificing important things we may have even lost by now. Do not go out for wool to come home shorn. It's so not sexy. One of the women interviewed in the video said that if she were able to travel back in time to advise her 21-year-old, she wants to tell her that she should not worry too much about the future and do not think too much about life. Some things are better left to be sailing on its own. Because once we did our best to get things done, just let God settle the rest. Que sera, sera. If it is meant to be, it will be. If it was meant to happen, let it happen. This is about having faith and be open to accepting destiny (but with a hint of your own will). 

In addition, she said that she would tell her 21-year-old to to be more accepting to her own downfalls and shortcomings. Try to improve your confidence and also be bold enough as to take on new challenges and opportunities. What matters most is that, your confidence will someday come in a shiny wrapping, so there is no need to rush coz things are not set in stone. You will someday be so confident you won't mind being ogled by strangers in public. She should also be open to alternatives and always seek to learn new things in life. Yeah. I really must grasp those advices. They are indeed gonna be very useful in the future. 


Okay then. Sayonara.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2016



Life goes on. 

Semalam, aku merentasi masa. Haha. Pegi balik KL dalam masa satu hari. Nilah dia zaman Dajjal yang dikatakan dalam hadis. Masa dirasakan pendek. Due to advent of technology, kita merasa masa sangat pendek. Kerja buat hari-hari boleh dilakukan dengan pantas. Masa pun berlalu dengan amat laju. Kalau dulu bayar RM50, naik bas maunya 8 jam baru sampai KL. Ni RM50 naik AirAsia tak sampai 1 jam da sampai KL. Ajaib. Zaman sekarang ni jugak, masing-masing hidup dalam kotak. Aku dengan smartphone aku, kau dengan laptop kau, kawan sebelah dengan iPad-nya, orang kat belakang dengan Samsung Tab-nya. Masing-masing ralit layan media so-SIAL. We are supplied with these modern gadgets just to replace actual human interaction - it is so sad. I could see this happening: WE all could see it. It's too obvious not to see. But what can we actually do about it?

the truth is too cold to accept, right?

Went to USIM to report duty. Kira report dah habis master. Hehe. Alhamdulillah lah ada abang yang tolong antar pegi USIM. Nak sewa kereta takut sesat gehehe. Settle doh. Cuma nak kene mari balik je hantar hardbound. Satu untuk Unit Cuti Belajar, satu untuk KPT so that boleh claim thesis punyer elaun (WAJIB CLAIM SEBAB BANYAKKK!!). Lepas tu settle lah. Jumpa ketua program yakni Dr Juliana. Serius lega gile lepas berbual ngan Dr Ju. Ramah semacam. Dr Juliana cakap aku boleh nak amik bidang polymer + kinetics + drug release applications. Sebab aku nampaknya macam keras jiwa nak jugak amik polymer untuk drug release application so makanya kena ada release kinetics (fundamental part). Yang paling aku nak elak tu lah yang kena buat haha. Tapi masa master tak explore bahagian kinetics sangat sebab dah banyak include results lain so legalah boleh skip. So untuk PhD kau kene, harus, wajib explore KINETIC STUDY ya ampun. Yeah. But still, all in all mujur kene dengan master aku. Sebab ada kene mengena jugak dengan release. Bolehla lepas ni tanya kawan2 yg buat kinetics, camne dia kira zero order whatsoever. Harap ade yg sudi membantu. Huhu. But truthfully, I think kinetic of drug is something really big and complex that one is required to do study in depth regarding the release mechanism alone. It surely is complicated but it's not something impossible to do. 

Nevertheless, jauh dalam hati, aku tertanya-tanya, adakah Allah redha dengan hidup aku sekarang nie. Aku betul-betul harap Allah redha. Dan harap keluarga (especially ma + abah) redha. After this kene study literature review pasal release of drug, then cari SV. Dear self, be prepared for permanent head and/or hair damage. Lols.

Belanja siblings Nando's, tapi ended up with dua-dua rasa tak puas hati sebab tak kenyang. Hahahah! Sorry lah keluar makan dengan orang diet macam aku ni ha, memang kene ajak makan makanan sihat grill2 la haha. Dahla portion Nando's seciput weyh. Takpe. Fret not. Pahni aku blanja Wong Solo lah puloks. Lewll.

Till then, arrivederci peaches!! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Giddy up!

I feel a bit pressured now because I am blissfully free and having nothing in particular to do make me slouch in boredom. Ugh. Really hate this feeling. Starting to ask myself, what am I living for. And when I got bored, I will start searching something to be crazy about; something that can make me spend a lot of time on it. As of now, I am enjoying watching Oh! My Baby starring Tae Oh Asher and Tae Rin Taylor. These kids are cheeky. They sure can make me smile with their cuteness and cleverness. Umur tak sampai 10 tahun tapi pandainya Ya Allah! Gerammmm~

Tae Oh be like - thug's life

Tae Oh yg comel. Kuat makan betul Tae Oh ni. 

Baru dapat adik bongsu: Tae Ra. Muka Tae Oh tak bleh blah jeles ada adik lepas dia hahaha~

cuteness overloaded!

p/s: tengok budak2 kiut memang boleh hilangkan stress. :P

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