Sunday, March 27, 2016


I suddenly remembered watching the commemorative video by HSBC. It was an interview of a group of women aged between 31 and 45 years old. The title was "What would you tell your 21-year-old self". It was so inspiring. There are things that we probably would regret doing when we were younger. As we grow older, we may come to realize that things were gonna be much simpler if we take things steadily instead of being too serious in tackling our matters. In fact, we tend to perceive our life as a big lump of complex conundrum that we had risked losing the true essences of life by tripping on the never-ending journey to search for the solutions. It's okay to pause and have a rest before resuming on that bumpy road. 

It might stem from the fact that we were not mature enough in the past years to figure out how to exactly take those complex things head on without sacrificing important things we may have even lost by now. Do not go out for wool to come home shorn. It's so not sexy. One of the women interviewed in the video said that if she were able to travel back in time to advise her 21-year-old, she wants to tell her that she should not worry too much about the future and do not think too much about life. Some things are better left to be sailing on its own. Because once we did our best to get things done, just let God settle the rest. Que sera, sera. If it is meant to be, it will be. If it was meant to happen, let it happen. This is about having faith and be open to accepting destiny (but with a hint of your own will). 

In addition, she said that she would tell her 21-year-old to to be more accepting to her own downfalls and shortcomings. Try to improve your confidence and also be bold enough as to take on new challenges and opportunities. What matters most is that, your confidence will someday come in a shiny wrapping, so there is no need to rush coz things are not set in stone. You will someday be so confident you won't mind being ogled by strangers in public. She should also be open to alternatives and always seek to learn new things in life. Yeah. I really must grasp those advices. They are indeed gonna be very useful in the future. 


Okay then. Sayonara.....

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