Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Giddy up!

I feel a bit pressured now because I am blissfully free and having nothing in particular to do make me slouch in boredom. Ugh. Really hate this feeling. Starting to ask myself, what am I living for. And when I got bored, I will start searching something to be crazy about; something that can make me spend a lot of time on it. As of now, I am enjoying watching Oh! My Baby starring Tae Oh Asher and Tae Rin Taylor. These kids are cheeky. They sure can make me smile with their cuteness and cleverness. Umur tak sampai 10 tahun tapi pandainya Ya Allah! Gerammmm~

Tae Oh be like - thug's life

Tae Oh yg comel. Kuat makan betul Tae Oh ni. 

Baru dapat adik bongsu: Tae Ra. Muka Tae Oh tak bleh blah jeles ada adik lepas dia hahaha~

cuteness overloaded!

p/s: tengok budak2 kiut memang boleh hilangkan stress. :P

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