Tuesday, March 15, 2016

that shiver down my spine.

1) mintak restu mak ayah

2) cari interest anda! make sure it is DOABLE. pastikan anda passionate about that particular topic!! coz you will have to deal with it for a long time... how to find interest?? READ!

3) when you read, be CRITICAL. How? Compare research A and research B. List down what research A has and what research B doesn't have. Criticize! Ask why and what's wrong with each research. Aim to see the loopholes and find out ways to overcome the issues or problems. You may need to read as much as to research Z. hahaha. List down all pros and cons. once you see what's there to solve, and focus on a particular area, voila! time to find SV who can monitor you in that particular field!!

4) arrange meeting with prospect SV and seek to know whether you have that chemistry with him/her. then only you proceed with that particular SV. fret not, there are many people out there who are viable to supervise you. pick wisely, or else you'll regret.

to read more, click here: tips sambung PhD

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