Monday, March 07, 2016

Word wizard











Those are among the bizarre words I used in my thesis which are eventually replaced with other easier terms as not to confuse anybody reading my thesis. As for me, I really love new words and bombastic words. The joy of learning new word is so stimulating that it makes me grin from ear to ear and can make me smile all day. It feels like being boosted by happy hormone, making my body tingling all over. Maybe it's not too much if I liken the feeling with falling in love. And it's my nature that when I stumble upon new pretty words and intriguing words, I will be itchy to apply them in my writing so that I will imprint those precious words in my mind - forever. That's just me. 

Currently I have made some sacrifice. I tried to kill my fandom towards EXO by deleting all EXO songs and EXO pics in my phone. Being in love in EXO (especially Kai) made me feel like a loser. Coz I would spend hours and hours of my day browsing through the net youtube insta just to know about their updates. It even bothers me when I found out the way some of their obsessed fans behaved. Even if it is not much accurate nor fair to say this, the way the fans react or act can somehow reflect the way our favourite artists truly are. Huhu. So if the fans are acting like trash, it's possible that their idols hold some degree of trashness as well. Don't get offended though. Just stating what's true (or at least thought to be true).

p/s: gotta start looking for PhD supervisor.. layak ke sambung PhD???  (rasa rendah diri)

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Anonymous said...

I will find you! You can run but you cant hide!

-Sasaeng's Fan of Kaireul gwiggwi
Heil Exo-L !!!

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