Wednesday, April 27, 2016

rolling with punches.

pos kepam masam. lols, pasal pegi Penang itu hari.

well, sapa tak suka food. iye dok? haha.

amount of food per person for one year duration. pretty shocking to see how much we consume per year. the amount is staggering, to me at least.

wundebar!!! big selection of lauk pauk here at nasi kandar section. the food display was so surreal i felt like grabbing them and shove into my mouth. lols. and to see how those foam and/ or clay made faux food defying the gravity really gave me the chills. hehe.

top image showing lavish food scattered all over the silver table. ever think of sprinkling and sputtering those golden glitters on you plate? well, there it was - food garnished with golden drizzles. those food displays were actually inspired from several actual occurrences all over the world. fantastich innit? to me, it was too much. it's vainglorious and quite a braggadocio enough to have eaten and drank from golden plates and glasses, let alone eating them! by the way, it is forbidden in Islam. it's what we call exaggerating and spending money by a way which is probably best defined as nonchalantly ridiculous.  the one image on lower left showed us how blind colour people viewing the food around them. kawaisoooo~ so please be grateful of your nikmat penglihatan. the last image showed the condition of rotten food. ewww, it was too stimulating with all the dead roaches and all those molds building up. blurghhH!

i really hope i could have eaten that gigantic bowl of laksa penang then. grrrrr! it looked damn delicious! and i could surely gobble that whole mangkuk of ayaq batu campuqqq. simply tantalizing dude.

dont take my chocolada! yeah for one that IS one BIG lada aka chili.

help yourself for seconds. lols.

this one food display really touched my heart. it was pitiful to see sharks being tortured by greedy humans for their fins. say NO to shark fins. you'll only make these creatures suffering in their habitat. 

that beautiful and artistic street painting scribbled and doodled all over the narrow streets - one of the must-visit landmarks there in Penang. Penangites surely are daring for having such tenacity to be snapping photos there in the middle of the forever hectic road. phew, just be careful not getting hit by any swooshing car. hahaa.

then Ema took me for some pasembur at Padang Kota.

leklek by the bay. so hot by the way. but so many people coming and roaming about the bay. 

ciao for now. see you around next time, Penang. felt so happy to spend such a short visit there in Penang. thanks Ema. don't be sad ma friend!! sayonara. mata ne!

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