Sunday, May 08, 2016


Ingat Jannah.

Everything happens for a reason.

Allah tu Maha Menguji.

Pernah dengar?

"When He puts you into something, He'll walk you through it."

Pernah dengar?

"Bila Allah sayang, Dia uji."

Genggam iman tu kuat2. Believe in Him. His plans are the best. And always try to be the better person each day. Atone for bad deed you'd ever done.

And never ever thinking about offing yourself. Stop! Stop being suicidal. It's downright useless for it shall never change nor solve your problems. Live the life as a test. Everyone also faces the ordeals in this trying life. Life sucks.

Life offers you a lot choices. Just be wise when picking your choice. And as a Moslem, always pray to Allah swt. There is a surefire way of getting off your misery train. He'll show the way. In sha Allah.

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