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Phew. Here we go. 

I am sadly announcing that I am currently in yet another fandom of K-Pop group (duh). I only idly went surfing on the newcomers of K-pop industry and that's when I found Bangtan Boys. I used to come across the snippets of BTS videos as suggested by youtube before but never gave it too much thought. I actually knew EXO before Bangtan Boys maybe because of EXO's infamous label, SM Entertainment. And I was shocked to know that Bangtan Boys comes from a very small company i.e. Big Hit Entertainment as compared to SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. I don't even recall coming across the name lols. Big Hit Entertainment was still very small and underrated company before Bangtan Boys explode and make it big. And now, BTS carries with it the glory of their unrelenting efforts to produce the best kind of music. Even the company itself had recently declared how the boy band group out-shelled the performance of other famous and established group like those from JYP Ent. No offense but at first I thought Bangtan Boys came from such big companies such as JYP  or maybe YG entertainment. When I know Bangtan boys is a newcomer, I was a little bit amazed to see how much they had accomplished given that they come from a small company and that they are the very first boy band from the company. and still, until now, BTS is the solo boy band of its company. cool huh? to survive being the only boy band in the company surely is tiring but rewarding. and what makes them good is that they come out (debut) with 7 members and until now still with the 7 members altogether.... phuh. what a camaraderie. 

At first I went to several fansites of BTS boys. And from what I read I can see that most fans are shipping Bangtan Boys more than EXO because of several key aspects. Hey no offense dear exo-ls out there. Actually I was one of the million fans of rabid EXO fandom exo-l but there are undeniably several vital characteristics that Bangtan Boys have which can be concluded as the main reasons as to their outstanding performances which is - if not even rapidly surpassing those of EXO - coming alongside famous groups like EXO and BigBang. So dear EXO-Ls who happen to be reading this, well, please read with an open mind. If you can not, please leave.

First, from what I can see when I watch those videos by Bangtan Boys, I can say that they are all talented. All seven members are capable of dancing, singing and also performing flawlessly even on live stages. No offense, but from most of EXO live stages, I can see that EXO don't perform that good on live performances as much as Bangtan Boys do. And what amazes me most is that all members of Bangtan Boys have equal chance to sing and they all can dance very nicely very steadily very smoothly and most importantly, very happily. Plus, it is so amazing and astounding that they can perform live with all those heavy dance choreography because for most Kpop groups, they would be left out of breath when they go dancing like that, hence the lip-sync. Such overly active and heavy dance choreography can actually leave anybody gasping for air but certainly not for BTS. wheww!

All seven members of Bangtan Boys are undeniably picked from the very best of the best. It's not vainglorious to say that they are the cream of the crop of K-pop groups as of the time being. Each member is very talented: they all have distinct characters and personalities. I love how J-Hope and V being crazy all the time. These two dorks are their all-time troublemakers. They would laugh crazily, jump all around and always react in an extra way as compared to other members. Their ecstatic personalities really can lighten everyone's mood. V is one shameless little boy. Haha. He is sooooo cute and with that overly confident attitude, kind of make you wanna squish him. V can even make lame jokes brazenly in front of the camera, leaving other members feeling ashamed instead (HAHAH!!). Jimin is fierce on stage but all cutie-pie in person. He is also clumsy and absent minded when he got punished in Weekly Idols for messing up their random dance choreography (lol). Jin, their oldest member, is a timid sunbae who served as BTS main vocal. He is a steady man who is diligently looking after his juniors. Jin is nicknamed Princess because of his cute facial features (glowing alabaster skin). The superrrrrr talented maknae, Jung Kook, dances really well and has been scouted by 8 companies before joining BTS (bow wow wow!!) but lastly chose to be a part of BTS after seeing Rap Monster performed (yeahhh eureummie Jung Kook, seukeireun jeonguk - my name is Jung Kook, my scale is nationwide). Indeed.

Rap Monster is their leader by the way. Nam Joon is called Rap Monster for several valid reasons you would discover after watching their mvs yourself ahha. He is an amazing rapper for sure. One thing worth noting about Rap Monster is that he is a genius rapper prodigy. With an IQ of 140 plus (I don't really remember), he really is something. He has been a rapper of an underground Korean hiphop group before making debut under BTS. To me, Rap Monster has such unique skills in rapping. His English pronunciation is outstanding and clear in the way that added extra spices to their songs.


To put cherry on top - and to make me go wild with excitement after becoming an ARMY(BTS fanclub)- those boys actually compose their own songs!!!!!!! that's DOPE okay? just like their seniors who they all looked up to, Big Bang, BTS boys are also free to create their own song. Suga, also the rapper, is such an amazing songwriter. Suga, RapMon and J-Hope are among the earliest members who got involved with the composing team. Later, other members (Jimin and V) got to join them in composing the songs in their latest comeback. See how unique each BTS member is?

They really are something. Some fans even quoted that BTS is the K-Pop group which had set a brand new level of standard into Kpop industry as a whole. To me, I agree. And I love how crazy they are and they are such wackadoodles. Hhahaha. They become lyricists and composers of their own song. How great is that? Not many entertainment company allowed their artists to freely sing their own songs. that's very awesome of you Big Hit Entertainment. Ahhahahah. That's probably the reason why happiness clearly sparks from their very performance, reality show and interview. Bangtan Boys give their all during performance and we can see that from their synced dance moves coupled with stable vocal which is well woven with their endless moxie. They all seem so happy to come up with their own brand of music. And when they are happy, the popularity skyrocketed and shocked everyone in the Kpop entertainment, from the management lines, fellow entertainers to the rabid fandom. In addition, BTS is more free when it comes to expressing their feelings in interviews and reality shows. Unlike some group, BTS seemed to be speaking from their hearts instead of having their scripts rehearsed. It's something noteworthy. To me, BTS is lucky to be free just like that. I don't say that they are given total freedom in expressing the music, but what they already have is enough to paint rainbow on their days. 

I really like how their songs are meaningful and they are unlike other kpop bands. somehow, we (fans) can relate to the lyrics in the song. to be able to create their own music, and to be able to perform flawlessly on stage, really is amazing. i can say that Bangtan Boys is true artist. Hahahaha. 

Thanks to Kim Taehyung (V), now I am head over heels for this fandom. Lols..

bow wow wow!

the only irony is that even coming with those cutesy faces and candy-coloured hair, their overall theme is actually wild and beasty. just look at how innocent V is. but when he comes out and scream and shout, you'll see how his hoarse voice starts to contradict all his cute appearance. 

V sure is the most dorky guy who came straight out of manga/anime.

p/s: writing the post while listening to BTS songs.... feeling goood.

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