Sunday, May 29, 2016


In this life, a lot of people failed me. At the end, only Allah that matters. Whenever I lost all hope and felt like I am an inch away from suicidal thoughts, I abruptly remember that Allah is up there watching, and I shall pray to Him to ease my pain. And if not, I'll be terrified at the thought of suicide consequences. I'll be burnt to eternity in the hellfire. That's the role of iman (faith) which kept me sailing no matter how hard the tide of life is.  Because we (muslims) know that YOLO doesn't exist. Why? because we never die. the soul will be for eternity. only that it leaves the host (our physical body) and will take other form in the afterlife.

YOLO means you only live once..... yolo right?!

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Googling YOLO now..

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