Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Free to be me and you

What? Tajuk da macam citer Supernatural plok...

See people. I'm trying to talk about the power of minds. In your mind, you can be anything - you can be a rock star, an astronaut, a traveler, a genius, a supermodel, a won't-get-to-be-fat-even-when-you-eat-a-lot-of-things eater, or even a murderer. Hahahaha. Often that I found people saying that they are killers in some days of their life. Because they would be killing a lot of despicable people in their mind just simply because it's a crime to literally kill people in real life. Lols.

As of now, I am a dancer in my mind. Like that of male kpop band. Unlike the obnoxious Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, he who had been postulated several alternate universes, didn't even had one with him being as fun as a dancer. Instead, he chose to be a clown made of candies. Lol again. Hahahhahaa..... 

err, why do i want to be able t o dance like a male kpop band? because, unlike female kpop bands, male bands seem to have fun dancing, and they have less pervert kind of dance move. just look at famous female kpop bands nowadays. they are like bunch of cheap ladies who'd twerk to gain more popularity especially from male fans. that's what i like about several boy band. careful not to dive into the wrong fandom. hahaha. the second reason being the urge to be able to kill some fat with those vigorous dance moves. whenever i see them dance with so much fun and crazy synchronization amidst the super hard dance moves, my body seemed to be twitching with excitement, as if i was drawn to dance just like them but alas i cannot!!! it's not easy. you need to undergo aggressive training for at least 2 years okay to do all the popping, locking and all kinds of other dance moves. to be mastering all those moves is one thing, but to be able to deliver the dance with so much sleek and charming auras is another thing. take kai exo for example. he had this rigorous 5-year training before getting to debut in 2012.

okay no more ranting. this happens when you have short attention span, just like that of Penny. Lol...

p/s: Bang! Tan! Seo nyon dan cheorom!!!! (like bangtan boys).... gahahhaha

lol the puns!!!

lols. can never get enough with bts memes

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