Saturday, May 28, 2016

gut feeling

at first, there was this weird rashes, coming out of nowhere, sitting nicely in between my inward part of the elbows. then, there was this mysterious pain sensation at toe finger - index toe of my right foot to be exact. i believed that that pain had something to do with my stomach and i rubbed it because it was too excruciating especially when i had to bend my toes during solat. usually it never happened. i can easily bend those fingers without no problem. so when i felt the pain, it made me feel strange. i was befuddled by such a thing. but when i was having my own sweet time rubbing the affected toe finger with herculean force, i become a bit flushed - my head become dizzy, and i felt like vomiting. it was like having some kind of rumble inside the tummy. the very next day, i had this violent diarrhea. it was so painful. help me! but the silver lining of the rubbing incident, was that i could wake up to a peachy morning. seriously! it's like a trick to having healthy stomach. it felt like having to be able to remove all those toxic from stomach. not only that stool can give you all health problem if not eliminated regularly, the overly gaseous stomach can also give you problems. so, take note ah. after this, rub the index toe of the right foot to stimulate good toxin elimination from your body. i really love complementary medicines because it's simply about treating your health problem just by understanding the anatomy of your body. you need to know what this body part connected to. just like in this case, the index toe of our feet serve to provide direct link to our stomach. so as experienced by myself, this reflexology point gives hints to the state of my stomach. scary aight? just like the function of the big toes of our feet. you pinch those big toes to wake up stubborn people. hahha.. lols.

told you that part of toe finger has something to do with stomach. alhamdulillah my suspicion was correct. Sekaiii!!!!

p/s: dalam internet cakap kene rub perlahan2 jari kaki tu. tapi boleh ke aku, aku urut kuat2 macam apa je... no wonder cirit. adoiii!!!! sendiri mahu ingat la jannah~~~~

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