Thursday, May 19, 2016

hey my beau~

what makes you beautiful.

i think, in order for one to be beautiful, it is of utmost IMPORTANCE that she must feel that she is indeed beautiful. believe that you are beautiful, because confidence is like the crucial spice in making a dish of beautiful. lols the food analogy. yes! i am deadly serious. always picture yourself as beautiful and then you will be beautiful, yeah believe that formula.... i had done that. 

what makes one beautiful is beautiful heart. and beautiful heart is often manifested by our mouth. what comes out of our mouth would define the state of our hearts. say good things and look how your life changes. hmm.

p/s: so funny when somebody had a dream of me with some guy (tall, skinny and bright skinned) like that guy is kinda sorta my beau. hahahhaha.... lols... you wish jannah. LewL.

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