Monday, May 16, 2016

Mind = blown

Been having a short travel to Kuala Lumpur to escape my comfort zone at home apart from clearing mind from interfering noises. On the first day (morning of May 13), I went to USIM to clear some matters on thesis submission and stuffs. Thanks to my brother who had been playing the driver for the whole day. Meeting with Dr Juliana, our head of program, made me a bit relaxed when we shared about current issues in the faculty.  I used to have this irregular shiver down my spine everytime I walked the hall of the FST building knowing that I'd be one of the teaching staffs there in the near future. But now that I frequent her office, I  slowly become accustomed to being there. Hehhe. She also didn't forget to ask the same recurring question just like when we met last time - bila Jannah nak kawen? Hahahhaa... in sha Allah Dr. Pray for my jodoh please. During afternoon, we had to hurry to meet two UM lecturers! It was so exhausting. Just imagine having to run around the place you're not familiar with within several hours to find the offices. It was hard.

while waiting to meet Prof Rosiyah.

The discussion with Prof Rosiyah was so stimulating that I become  way too drifted into the intellectual world of academic salon till I almost forget my other appointment with Dr Hairul. Haha. The discussion was somewhat elaborated with another student joining us in the chilly room. He is an Iranian student (GRA) with impressive fluency in English. I was a bit amazed to hear his flawless accent and good confidence level with subtle hint of humbling notes. It was so fun to be able to discuss about your interest with the people of the same field. And on top of it, to be able to fully speak in English after quite some time really gave me a great deal of satisfaction. It made me feel invigorated and relinquished. At 3.30 pm I scurried to other building to meet Dr Hairul whom happened to be having quite an adventurous kind of research. He was doing the study on method development of tissue removal during surgery. To my horror, the study makes use of living human tissue! I was like, what???? Hehhe. So scary to play with ex vivo experiments. So spooky and kind of make me squeamish. He was planning to develop enzymelike material to digest some part of unwanted tissue during surgery, kind of like meat tenderizer. 

I couldn't suppress how happy I was when I could correctly guess the usage of enzyme as a meat tenderizer, an idea from which was generated from my memory watching Shokugeki no Soma (war of food) a Japanese anime my brother casually downloaded. I still remember having this beat up expression after meeting with these two lecturers. I was so exhausted my back was aching so bad and my head pounded so hard I finally dozed off in the back seat of the car after the tiring afternoon. Then me and my sister went to stay at my cousin's house at Flora Damansara (May 14) when I slept after rubbing minyak cap kapak all over my forehead and my back to soothe the excruciating sensation I had been having. To add cherry on top, I then had my menses, which happened to be gleefully right on the dot for every month. I always have good biological clock I guess. Is it even correct to term it as biological clock? Lols. 

There on the next day, we had Nasi Kukus Ilham for lunch before we went to IKEA to spend our evening. Got the chance to sip on the refreshing hot coffee and nibbling on fluffy currypuffs at IKEA cafe after strolling through those tall shelves at the display rooms and buying some stuffs for my room (night light and photo frame). There were like thousands of household products to buy and there were myriads of design and styles to choose from. It was fun.

I had been talking about a lot of things with my cousin. We've been ranting about works and studies, and things which come in between. Life's hard, but life without challenges is no life. Got what I mean? Challenge yourself. Stretch your limit. Go beyond your comfort zone. Be bold and step up. Yeah. Way to go Jannah!!! 

P/s: dua2 bujang terangtangtang. Bila nak kawen ni hahah. Wallahualllam. Asking when a woman will get married is like asking when is the apocalypse.lols.

round2 IKEA Damansara. so many interesting things to see.

pekena kopi refill kat IKEA. best woh. 

look at that beat-up face after two consecutive meetings 

selfie with sister and cousin.

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