Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random Fandom

"Nor. Gane mu boleh minat Exo? Biasa budak2 hok baru nok up je minat Exo nim,"

Soal adikku kepadaku suatu masa dulu. Oo sebelum terlupa, istilah budak baru nak up ni  ialah euphemism bagi budak tak matang. Or dalam kata lainnya budak berhingus. Hahha.

"Eh you, please lah. Exo stans are all over the world you know. And from all ages and races. Org umur 30 tahun pon ade minat EXO tau. Lagi2 si Kai tu. Nama je maknae tapi fans yg berumur 30-an beriban. Tak kira lagi sesaengs nye fans yg gile tu."


Well, that's how defensive a fanatic fan can be. Hahaha.

Stans? Maknae? Sesaengs?? Jargon nye.

ha?? apa kau cakap?? sasaeng fans???! (paranoid)

Well itu dulu. Skang da takde da. Bahaya kpop ni. Hahha. You thought you could be lucky once you know kpop. But it is actually a curse. But history dictates that once you dive into it, you will feel like being stricken by thunder and you cannot let go. It is addictive. You quickly become overdose. Last2 jadi hurt. Hahahha.

Kalau kita circle back to the question sentence, how do i get addicted with EXO in the first place?
Okay. Here goes. The formula is simple.

The Big Bang THEORY ----->>>>>>> BigBang Kpop ---------->>>>>> EXO



I shipped BigBang since long time ago and when I scrolled down video of BB early this year, I saw suggested post on EXO. So it seemed that BB and EXO had the similar time of comeback hence the suggestion. And I have been thinking why EXO was such a big deal then. Then without hesitation, i clicked the suggested link. That's why I said hallyu wave is dangerous : it's addicting. It propagates from one group to another, from one song to another song. Like some kind of rabies. creepy much aight.

At first i thought, what the frack??? It was plain at first. But when you replay for the second time, you kinda feel like being electrocuted. You quickly become addicted to its rhythm. So dangerous. Neon wiheomeee..... and its harder to retract. Hahah.

To me, its fun to watch exo because of the unique and energetic dance choreography. I had always appreciated good performing arts. When i watch them dance i kinda feel like dancing too.

But TBH, it's not healthy to be shipping humans... it's not what we are created for.... there's more that we gotta do instead of goofing around, let alone being in kpop random fandom.

P/s: dulu benci gile bila dgr EXO sbb macam tak paham kenapa satu dunia perlu fanatic ngan EXO sampai ada yg siap jual merchandise EXO kat kedai2 area umah aku. Cincin la headband la beg lah bleghhhh. Perlu ke? Last2 kau yg terjebak baru tahu padan muka. Hahaaha. Please la be matured. 

Kbai. Tq sbb baca post merapu..

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