Thursday, May 19, 2016

udang masak milky way

or most people call it udang masak cili api. hahaha. why call it milky way by the way? sebab ada susu kelapa (santan). lols.

it's amazing that i can still eat those yesterday cooked food today. i think it's got something to do with the weather as well but the dish "udang masak cili api" that i cooked yesterday can still be eaten even when left overnight in the pot on the stove (covered of course). it was too amazing because before this, that kind of lauk (santan gravy) will turn out bad the very next day if not kept in the fridge. what could possibly maintain the state of the lauk? the smell, the consistence of the gravy- all was exactly same as yesterday. i was like, MINDBLOWN. what could cause such occurrence? we, chemists - even the run-off-the-mills one like myself - would have this kind of thinking when looking at things from any random vantage point. i think apart from good hygiene during preparation, it could also stem from the fact that the recipe i used was quite different from before. what did i do?

i had blended 2 shallots, 4 cloves of garlic, 10 cili api, 2 buah keras, 1 inch turmeric, and a pinch of belacan (shrimp paste). then i put the mixture into hot pot and let it simmer for about a minute. then i added about 15 prawns. let them mix under mild heat. you can see the prawns slowly turn orangey due to kunyitt effect. kunyit is amazing you know? that's what makes japanese people live longer (coz they drink turmeric tea). then i put in KARA santan about half a small bowl. add some water (1 bowl). then i threw in a lemongrass. make sure you smack the lemongrass before hurling in so that all the goodness of the fragrant lemongrass can be fully taken advantage of. lemongrass is another thing. it also possesses good quality to ensure healthy living. 

then you add some salt and let it simmer for another 2-3 minutes. then ready to eat with rice!!!!! it was sinfully delicious. and it still baffles me as to what makes the lauk remain delicious till today. I even gobbled the whole plate thinking others won't even bother eating yesterday's dish. ahhha~

i suspect the addition of buah keras really lengthen the shelf life of the lauk. because unlike before, i never add buah keras in my masakan until yesterday. you know what buah keras is?

this is it:

baru tahu nama matsalleh dia Candlenut. hehehe. sebenarnya xdelah keras mana. boleh je crush ngan batu lesung tu. dahla tinggi amount of fat. jangan nak letak banyak sangat lah dalam kuah. lols.

p/s: kene tambah buah keras dalam masakan lepas ni kasi sedap dan..... tahan lama. yeah!

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