Wednesday, June 22, 2016

empty upstairs

never knew there is Murakami's reference in BTS' Butterfly for Namjoon's part. 
and to think i am even digging this book right now. lols. coincidence? who knows?

there you go. after murakami, i'll be boiling inside a bowl of delicious hot chicken soup. for my soul. uhuks.


am i empty upstairs? am i stupid or what? people say those with AB blood types are either complete genius or complete idiot. am i a genius? i think i am the latter. lols. 

take an example from a BTS interview:

Q) What do you think of each other’s personalities? Who do you think is the strangest member? 
All: V! 
Suga: Everyone says this but people with blood type AB are either a complete genius or a complete idiot. He’s both. (lol)


let it be genius or a total idiot, you just gotta be you.

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