Friday, June 10, 2016


What is krump? Krump is a style of street dance that emphasizes emotions of dancers in every delicately designed dance move. Yeah lets groove.

Min yoongi took role as the father in the group. He is one strict and serious person who'd speak straightforward if other members do mistakes or displease him. He also does fatherly chores like fixing the toilet, replacing lightbulbs and repair other broken things. Funny how he doesn't like noises when the rest of the members were awfully loud. He composes a lot until he'd sacrifice his sleep time. Often he'd stay up after 12 AM and went to sleep after 5 AM. Understandable, because to be able to build up fresh ideas and search for muse and inspiration, early morning is the best time to be at. That's why he was seen to have a common stance of sleepy head, a symbol of lethargy from a hardworking role as a dad. yoongi really assumed a great role of a dad. Haha.

Jin on the other hand is a skilful mother of the group. He cooks well and can tolerate those multiple idiosyncrasies of the members, especially those of V and Kookie. Often he is portrayed as having high level of patience when dealing with the members, a quality akin to a loving mother. He really can take care of other members and always be there for them. What's funny is that he really enjoys eating until one of the staffs called him pig because of the way he gobble the food until his mouth was bulging and kinda distorted his handsome face lols.

Okay lets talk about older siblings. Monnie  is like their older brother who always break things around him (god of destruction). He could act dorky at times but only when triggered or when others propagated at the first place. He is one funny brother but sensitive at heart. On the other hand, Hobi plays a role as a big sister as he'd nag if members won't do laundry, for example. He'd go around in the dorm and will boss around the members to do the chores, like a big sister would do. He really did a great job there. Hobi is also a brilliant mood maker as he'd crack  spontaneous jokes hence bursting laughter amongst the members.

Okay lets take a look at younger siblings who knows nothing but to be mischievous and playful all the time. HHahaha. All hail to Jimin, V and Kookie (based on descending order of age). These three are so loud and they are always the starters in making loud noise around the dorm. When together, they'd film  their hyungs and jump around and making  loud noises until father Min Yoongi couldn't sleep. Often Mommy Jin and Father yoongi sit together and tried to figure out ways to silence those kids who'd go on rampage 24 seven. Lols. Somehow it's funny how these 3 are afraid to tease Father yoongi who'd run amok if being disturbed while sleeping. Gahaha..... kookie is one naughty youngest member. He'd bully his hyungs to no end. Lolss... even being the maknae of the group, he has this strong physique which makes him formidable to other members.hahaha.  he could even lift his hyungs like they were some sacks of rice lols. I always enjoy watching V and Kookie synchronized idiosyncrasies, something not easy to see between other members.

That's all rants about BTS members. Hahha... I don't even know why I like their personalities that much.

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