Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Let's jump!! Jump to the sky!!

Bulan puase ni jom kita tingkatkan amalan. Don't look back. Always seek to improve yourself. Even when you have mounts of sins, Allah's forgiveness never is limited. Always think positive of all things.

Lesson learnt: nobody will bring you happiness. You yourself are responsible for your own happiness. There is a saying that if one is unhappy when being single, don't expect to be happy once getting married. Jannah. Be happy with your life. No matter how hard it may seem.

I used to be removing all those bad memories from my mind. Like trying to think in the way that as if those bad and painful episodes of life never happened to me. Like I'm creating another dimension of life and see myself as another being in another less harmful parallel universe. Wow so much for tbbt references. The postulated alternate universes. Intriguing. Thanks Dr Cooper.

But when I got problems, those bad memories suddenly pop up out of nowhere. I tend to rewind those bad memories, as if I suddenly got off the wagon from the rail of my alternate dimension to that of the real dimension/universe. It's so hurtful. It seems like the pretense won't last long. Cos bad memories will always serve as bad memories. No more no less.

Nevertheless, always seek to perceive things in a good way. Please be positive. Life is not all sweet all good. You need to embrace the cold truth....

P/s; i started listening to Bangtan Boys because of their upbeat songs and catchy sounds until i realized their lyrics were so powerful they could move you. It is indeed amazing most people can actually relate to those lyrics which were penned by the members themselves. The song titled Jump especially touches my heart in a fantastic way coz i somehow could feel a strong connection with the lyrics. I heart Bangtan Sonyeondan....

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Anonymous said...

None of your bad memories will pop out after you lose your parents. There's nothing could beat the feeling of losing someone that u lived with until now.


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