Sunday, June 12, 2016

Something to hold on to

Jammy went home and grabbed her phone. She then had her headphones on. The banging songs from her favorite songs were heard from 1 meter distance. And yet she always asked people why did her ears hurt so much. Lol.

She casually picked user-defined equalizer from the music software, enabling her to have her own distinct brand of sound instead of the preset equalizers. Jammy always appreciate good music. To her, music is like a therapy. The more meaningful the song is, the more she could be into it. Jammy also felt like a quality song should have not only catchy tunes but also good lyrics to deliver to the audience. Once she got hold of one good song, she'd cling on to it and hit replay button like crazy and that could absolutely drive anyone else crazy.

She was banging her head so hard in the air, going back and forth like crazy. She got easily absorbed in the world of music. People used to say that music is poison. Is it? Coz she could spend hours and hours of listening to the same songs. Sometimes, she'd be so engrossed she didn't bother indulging in music in bed for the whole day. Crazy again.

At times, she tried to force others into liking her songs. Hahaha. That's way too crazy cuz you cannot force people to like your song. Everyone has their own wavelengths. Please respect that.

But then again, I think music is something like an escapism from the harsh of life. It's something to hold on to. But be careful not to be consumed by music for the prizefight of the loud banging sounds is tinnitus. You sure wouldn't wanna have that.

and they say laughter is the best kind of music

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