Friday, July 01, 2016


I'm currently comparing these two pieces of literature and musical arts:
1) Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore
2) Butterfly by Bangtan Boys (BTS)

It is too amazing to call it merely a coincidence when my favourite song of my favorite boyband BTS has the reference from the amazing book I'm currently digging. The link is too strong you know? And it's just too.... magical. Hahaha.... and I found myself being absorbed in the deep lyrics of the song BUTTERFLY by BTS exactly the same way as am I drifted into the dreamy world of Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore.

I figured Namjoon referred his love life as being vague/ ambiguous, as much as to the confusion of whether having being in a dream or reality just like Kafka Tamura had experienced in his life. And they are afraid of losing that someone if they wake up. Instead of going back to reality, they'd rather stay there in the realm of fantasy as anything is possible in their dreams.

It seemed like the song is indeed a summary of the novel. It's got a phrase like "don't go into that wood" which clearly is referring to the woods in the novel from which people won't ever come back once they entered. The woods is like a portal to another universe which is totally different from our reality in several aspects.

I could not ever neglect a good literature paired with awesome meaningful song. Once the obsession ensconced, it's hard to retract.

Rap Monster really has good taste for amazing literatures. No wonder his IQ is 180. His brain really is sexy. Hahaha. 

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P/s: it makes my skin crawls when I figured that so many things in life are tangled. One thing can simply link to another thing which often left me in a state of shock and surreal feelings. But it makes me feel good. Just like what they say about love, love is a blessing but it is also a curse.

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