Monday, July 04, 2016


this heart is so fragile. like a glass standing on a porch. anytime anyone could come by and nudge it and it could easily break into small pieces. i found that this heart is not something we can control. of all things we own, heart is the hardest thing to comprehend. it's like it has the mind of its own. your heart is always trying to be colliding with your brain. sometimes, it doesn't follow logic - it follows what we call intuition.

i figured that what makes the heart calm is the bond with the Creator. yes, He is the key to maintaining solid rock heart. solid rock means that you have a strong heart, a heart so strong it is impervious to any harsh or discouraging words. a heart bulletproof to any stares and glares from judgmental people. 

sometimes, when i feel that my life is hard, i always try to reflect about my relationship with Allah. i am so scared. i feel like things are so overwhelming and i become suffocated with all the thoughts and all. whenever i try to calm down and approached Him closer, i find myself to be in the state of tranquility like never before. as if all my problems had been pulverized to dusts. it's like all the worries simply fade away, vanished through the thin air. how miraculous is that? even when the problems are still there unsolved, still the ability to remain calm and steady is something not easy to gain. when you have worries, it will not give you enough space to think clearly and lucidly. worrying will only make matters worse. and you will be stuck with it to no end. and it'll just pile on the inundating problems. and the cycle goes on and on and on till you get the suicidal thoughts, which is so unhealthy.

all in all, it's important to take care of your heart. do not curse, do not have negative thoughts, do not use your heart to memorize useless things. take care of it. take care of your heart.

till then.

oo my hearteu

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