Monday, July 11, 2016

cat beg bag gab gibberish wtf

today, i am a loner. everyone was out: school, works, school again. i was left alone with some mushroom soup and cute cheese sticks which i ate for breakfast at 6.30 am. i also had porridge for breakfast and morning break (lols). i didn't care for lunch but when it goes past 2.30 pm, my tummy started rumbling hence the escape to the kitchen. i was cooking some fishball soup and frying some fish all alone in the kitchen while humming my favourite song. then i was settled down to have my decent lunch when i heard him coming in.


duh, it was like he knew i just did my lunch. he casually walked in a settled by the scale in front of the bathroom. i thought i could just ignore him but that pitiful hungry look on his feline face got me disturbed. there is some part of the fish in my plate which is also for him - that thought echoed in my head. i then snapped the head of the fish and hurled it over to le cat. he was looking at me and meowed some more before finally gobbling that little fish head. i then resumed eating my meal while watching Rookie King Episode 7 Eng Sub ( hardcore fan of BTS). i could crack into laughter and laugh like a crazy woman watching their dorky acts. BTS is so funny. deadass hilarious!!! i always enjoy watching media while eating. even when lotsa people i met told me it won't make you feel full to two-time while eating, i never give a damn. hahah! we even used to read comics while eating and the crumbs of our bread had always stuck in between those pages lols.

then after i finished my lunch, i saw him drawing near me. he was standing at my feet while making a cute face, a face that tells you that he was still hungry. oh damn. cats really can give you that dewy-eyed look and melt you heart. it's one of the specialties of cats, a powerful persuasive gesture. i grabbed half of another fish and put down at his feet and he devoured it in split second. i myself had another helping for the fish. then when i was washing the dish, he was there standing at the wooden floor with his eyes staring into mine. i smiled and asked,

wanna have some more (fish)?

he didn't respond, nor did he meow back. he kept on staring at me with a loving gaze, as if wanting to tell something. but he couldn't. he usually would meow or give that slow blink as a form of response (aside from a sign of trust) but this time nothing came. i was a bit befuddled. he usually responded as a way of saying thank you master for feeding me i'll pray for your safety and health. his stance was a bit gloomy. maybe he understood how lonely i was. thanks Dido. people might think i am crazy for trying to get approval from animals. am I?

No. crazy is hearing voices, talking to cats, dating paula abdul (Superhero movie).

but i am not crazy. everyone in this house talks to cats. and cats also talk back to us, in their own way of course. (LMFAO)

i always had been dreaming of having a coach bag which looked pretty much like this one. but i will need to pay through my nose. rm1000 is too much for a simple bag like this. well it's coach, what do you expect. here in malaysia with the all the taxes make it impossible for students like me to buy the simplest bag of coach. sigh.

my bag symbolizes who i am. i am simple i guess. look at the design and the colour. to me it's okay if the price is cheap as long as it looks expensive hahaahh! and what's important is that it looked a replica of coach. ngihngihngih *evil snickering*

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