Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mimpi Gila #2

There I was, standing at the top of the peak. The wind was strong. It was gushing from all directions, making me staggering, unstable. Below me was black water. Scary water. A water that has that will to eat you and never let anyone survive once drowning. It was as if I was at the top of the Niagara fall. It felt like the height could have reached up to 100 feet. 


The peak was so high that it gave me a chill down my spine. I am not someone who is afraid of height coz i can simply climb a scaffold for a flying fox without even a hint of fear, unlike some of my friends who'd clutch to the rusty handle steel bars begging for their dear life wanting to stop from resuming those steps. But that time, i was trembling with fear. I tried to scream, but my voice couldn't find it's way out. It echoed and bounced inside while amplifying the terror inside me, making me feel fragile and vulnerable. But at some point, the peak seemed to change to become like an old iron scaffold, the one you usually see at a construction site. 

And down at the bottom of the scaffold, i could vaguely see the presence of people i love, i guess it was mom, dad and my siblings. They looked worried sick, as if they know what would be happening to me up top. I could not force my eyes down as the fear of height started to take control. And by the time I realized they were all racing to my rescue, I was having a meltdown - my body was no longer mine. My feet collapsed into the air and i was helpless. As I was hearing the sounds of their distraught screaming together with their heavy footsteps clattering against the rusty iron structure of that scaffold, I was falling. Well this is it. I am gonna die. That's what i thought at that moment. However when i was free falling, someone had grabbed me. That was the very moment i woke up to realize that that was a dream. That someone who became my savior, i cannot particularly remember who it was. It was a guy. I couldn't even configure his face. 

I didn't think it was my dad, nor my brothers. It was weird. That mysterious guy kind of reminded me of another dream i was having when i went to the beach with a guy with no face. I kept on seeing his back. And zero memory on how he looked. It is indeed a bizarre experience, even for a dream.

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