Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mimpi Gila #1

I had this weird dream just now. It was terrifying. I was paying a chinese cashier at a counter when we suddenly had an argument after a stupid bickering. How we ended up with a fight is somewhat undecipherable. How could I be so bold and pick a bone with some strangers? Too mind-numbing. She then refused to give me my balance money. I then scolded her in a way that other customers could see. Well, you know how customers are always right. It was quite a commotion. She then looked like she was having a psychotic break. She ran off to somewhere and showed no signal of coming back. I hurriedly took my balance from cash register and scurried away from the scene. 

Don't know why but my instinct told me so. Some kind of signal rushed my body to flee. When i was out of the shopping arena and was on my way to the car, i saw that woman coming out into the crowd with a meat knife. I was terrified to see the horrendous sight. Did our quarrel just now sent her to the mountain of crazy? Or did she just ran off to grab that knife to kill me or what?my mind was attacked with those sorts of questions. I quickly went behind a big pillar trying to hide with all those heavy groceries. I was trembling all over. Sweats dripping like crazyy. Am i gonna die? I thought. I rubbed my chest, trying to calm down. I tried to peep. From what I saw, the woman went into the crowd with that protruding piece of steel but nobody seemed to be bothered by her. But she definitely didn't seem stable. Suddenly she randomly attacked the public people! Oh no this woman just went crazy. Oh no oh my god help me!! It was so scary. I tried to squeeze through that ocean of people with all of my belongings dragging me. They were so heavy. Whenever i saw that woman turning, i tried ducking. I figured she must have been looking for me, the one who led her to her tremendous psychotic break. Then amidst the havoc, i got to escape to the cinema which is near the exit. I then bumped into a tall man wearing a blue jacket and shouted, "beware, crazy woman!!" I then scurried away and relieved to have escaped the terrible scene. I remember that man was looking all dumbfounded after my warning..maybe to him, it was me who was the crazy one, if he were to judge me based on how silly i looked at that ttime. Sweats dripping, pale face, panicked stance, wobbling walks and all that. 

I didn't know the rest of the story. But to be sure, i was safe from being carved by a lunatic. Phew. I heaved a big relief. Then i realized it was all a dream. I woke up and was i felt so happy that that was a mere dream. It was surreal, to be honest. It was plausible to happen in real life. And that's why i was rattled by the incident even while i was experiencing it. Spooky the dream is.....

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