Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Open your heart

I am an introvert. I don't really fancy small talks and i love to be absorbed in my own thought. Coz small talks are ... i dunnow how to put it. Vexing? But even when i am at it, i still cannot eat alone. I cannot bear the thought of having to have my meal all by myself. Even when i am an introvert, i enjoy close friends' companions, especially when i am having my decent meal. I'd rather eat in a confined room all alone instead of eating alone in a crowd. I enjoy conversations especially intellectual ones, but i find in more relishing to be able to have such conversations with the ones i am comfortable with. Yes, we are loyal people. But as said here, we introverts find it quite hard to move on. Even when we may seem distant and lonely, but we make good friends. Confide in introverts, and you'll find it so pleasant as we could be the bestest kind of friends. Relationships with introverts are for a lifetime. Agree much?

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