Monday, July 04, 2016

Super Salty Fish Curry

caution: too much saltiness ahead.

sono tabemono wa shio karaii desu!!!

(translation: makanan ni masin gile!!)

second attempt masak kari, masin sangat-sangat. ye ye je excited masak sampai terlebih garam dowh. abang aku ngan abah aku cakap okay doh masin macam tu. tapi bile aku rase, ya Allah masin giler!! teramat masinnnnnn!!! please la percaya masin sebab aku ni yg hantu garam pun boleh kata masin dowh. 

the real reason as to the extreme saltiness is that my mother spread some salt over the fish before i cooked it. so i have no idea how much my mom put the salt on the fish. therefore i have no appropriate sense of proportion when it comes to cooking the fish curry. and my sister did say it was salty but i went ahead and added more salt because of the oblivious state i was in (lols). 

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