Saturday, August 27, 2016

have you heard? i am sakamoto

you cannot make everybody likes you, you don't even like everybody.

just like sakamoto. he is one cool guy that can make everybody around him like him. he could leave such a big impression because of his good attitudes and demeanour. even the delinquents in his school ended up liking him because of his great wits.

but at the end, there was still this one guy who hated him so much that he did something to drive Sakamoto away from school. but still, Sakamoto managed to restore the faith of his mates and get back his popularity.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Allah tahu apa yang baik untuk kamu, dan perkara yang kamu anggap buruk itu boleh jadi yg terbaik untukmu.

Jika pun kau ragui kemampuan dirimu untuk melakukan sesuatu, yakinilah pertolongan Allah swt untuk membantumu melaluinya.

Just go with the flow, for His plan is the best.

Sometimes we become confused as to whether what we do now is because of our own choice or because of His choice. Of course it started off with our own decision but if He was not willing to allow it from happening, then it will not happen. Trust what you're doing now. Go through it.

Of course it looks like bad at first sight, believe what awaits you at the finishing line is far better than the other road not taken. You've taken this road hence you are responsible to finish it.


Monday, August 22, 2016


sometimes, it's good to have someone to share your addiction with, someone with whom you can discuss anything. however, it's not good when that addiction is morally loose or not righteous. this is how codependency is defined: a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person's addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement.

i learned about this term when i watched Supernatural. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


semalam mama beli pavlova mini. sedapnya. dengan hirisan buah masam beri, anggur dan kiwi. fuh! masam manis memang syok. tak puas la makan. 

hari tu ngidam durian crepe. ahhh sedapnya creamy filling of durian and whipped cream dibalut kepingan crepe nipis. sedapnye wey!!!!!!

phuhh phuhhhh drooling~

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Manusia Pelik.

manusia memang pelik kan?


Salam. Lama dah tak menulis. Rindu sangat. Aku terpaksa privatekan blog aku. Limited to blogger users only. Sejak kene expose dengan danger of online social media oleh Encik Azriq CyberSecurity, aku jadi lebih vigilant. So takut nak mengpublickan diri sendiri. Kau bukan public figure tayah la nak publickan diri sangat.Ops. Huhu.

Minggu lepas emo sikit. Sebab tu tak sempat nak feed my daily dose of hopes dengan berblog. Tulis blog ni best. Rasa macam kau lepaskan tension dengan bercerita panjang dengan best friend kau sampai kul 3 pagi.Walaupun kau cakap merapu merapik mengarut mengaban, Seriously. It is a good therapy. Orang lain stress kalau kene menulis. Aku tak, aku suka menulis. SUKA sangat. Seriously. Bukan sarcasm eh, I'm deadly serious. Aku rasa aku boleh je hidup dengan sebatang pen dan sehelai kertas. Menulis sampai mati pun aku sanggup. Aku kan pelik orangnya. Haha. Yelah orang lain tak suka belek kamus, aku ni siap kawan baik ngan kamus Longman super tebal tu. Dasar geek. 

Hari ni bukak YouTube, ada suggestion Agust D. Ape tu? Aku pon klik. Wow, Suga new mixtape finally released!!! Woahhhhhhh. Kemain esaited ARMYs. Hahahaha... boleh tahan lagu Min Yoongi. Aku suka So Far Away ngan Agust D. Yang tu lembut dan jiwang, yang satu lagi rancak semacam (dah kenapa pelik benor combination?). Tak sabar nak tunggu album baru BTS. Pelik kan umur 27 minat lagi KPop. Aku ade justification aku sendiri kenapa aku minat kpop. It's a healthy diversion from my other habit which is by far the worst to me. Ha.... alter ego aku ni pelik skit. Aku kan pelik. Aku da kata kan. HHahaha si pelik dan hidupnya yang pelik.

Lagipun lagu BTS ade gak maknanya. Bukan saja2. Bukan sekadar lagu cinta, ia juga menyentuh kehidupan dan kemanusiaan. Cewahhhh. Their music is something I found very much relatable to my teenage ages which were so full of troubles, delusions and confusions. I found myself inclined towards their songs, especially the old ones which were more on rebellious school life, on how peer pressure rattles you from inside. How the wealth of parents affect the child's social status among their friends. And how you would become forced by the society to decide your life path at a tender age of 16. The struggle within was real, talking from own experience. Their newer songs are pretty much about their adulthood and the urge to escape from people's judgment and persecution. The songs pretty much linger around lovey dovey theme like I Need U, RUN, Save Me and Dead Leaves. And by the way, Dead Leaves is my fav song! 

Songs like FIRE on the other hand is more like chasing the freedom in life without paying too much attention to negative words by haters. Live your life like Beep!! Fill in the blank. Haha. Idgaf maybe.

Okaylah. Sampai situ je lah ranting manusia pelik. Aku lepas ni nak kena uruskan dokumen sambung belajar pulok. Huhu.... belajar pah ceroh. Bila nak nikah? Tolong la jangan tanya soalan tu. Aku takdok skema jawapan. Ade kat Luh Mafuz nung mu gi la terbang kejap curi tengok kertas jawapan. Pahtu lu helo helo sama gua okay?

rilek ah. baru 27. jodoh can wait. hehe.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

biar betik?

Hi guys. Anybody knows why a papaya could ever become like this? This occurrence is interesting and beguiling at the same time. Semangat ai kupas last2 nampak tunas. I don't think this is even edible. Is it?
Sapa2 orang botani atau biotechnology silalah komen... I really need some info on this.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Heart Broken

When you have been living so long in your comfort zone and you finally make your way out of it to realize how crooked you are. You become so locked down that you refused to open up and try to socialize better. You let your low self esteem lock you deeper and you are trapped inside the sandquick: the more you struggle the more you drown. You got so sensitive even when people criticize you in front of other peers that you feel this pinch at the top of your lung. You feel like screaming and wailing out of despair but you can't do so cos you're still mixed in crowd and expected to behave the best. On top of it, you feel like running away to the woods and live like a loser with no ties to humans whatsoever. I used to become so fond of human interaction, how people mingle around and make relationship. But there are also risks in that. The risk to be hurt and the risk to be judged. The risk to be sidelined and marginalized just because you're different. The risk of losing yourself just because you try so hard to bend to public opinions. You may be welcome inside the troop but you will have to scrape away some of your principles and  lose some of your values. I tried my best to get out of my comfort zone but this is what i get for trying. Am I a try-hard?

Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Pendinding diri dari gangguan orang berniat jahat.

Hembus kat tapak tangan dan sapu di bahagian migrain in sha Allah hilang 
(penah buat masa bulan pose sekelip mata hilang sakit kepala).

Yasin ayat 36: doa cepat jodoh. baca everyday sapu muka

Yasin ayat 76: doa ketika bersedih dengan kata2 orang

Tak pernah buat pakai karot. Biasa ikut cara Ustaz Syarhan. Baca kat sendi ibu 
jari 3 kali, hembus, kemudian urut bola mata. Setiap kali selepas solat.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Escape from escapism

What to do. I think what happens to me now is indeed for the best. But it also turns out that i am left with another problem to face. Like what people say, when one door closed another one opens. Let's hope this new door shall offer me bigger opportunities.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Long John

Saat Dia melangkah ke luar kereta, sepasang mata yg tadinya memandang ke luar tingkap rumah kayu seakan terkejut.
"Eh, manusia ke tu?"
Ujarnya. Am terkejut dengan kelibat Dia yang sangat tinggi. Mungkin tinggi perempuan ala2 model tu dekat 6 kaki. Getusnya dalam hati.
Saat Dia menghampiri pintu masuk, baru lah Am sedar, Dia memakai wedges. Patutlah lonjong. Katanya dlm separuh berbisik.

"Hey, kau ni perempuan ke lelaki. Tinggi sangat ni kenapa?"
Adik Dia menampar bahu Dia yg sedang ralit menonton TV. Dia hanya tersengih.
"Ape dose ke kalu perempuan tinggi mcm laki?"
"Tak dose. Cuma pelik. Aku rase aku kene panggil kau gergasi."
Dia hanya tersengih bak kerang busuk.
Gergasi?? Whatde?

suka tengok si lonjong ni baca buku. so sexy :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Dead Leaves

You need not compare yourself with other people. Allah gave sustenance to everyone and every creation. Maybe you'd ask Him why you don't get as much as what others get. Believe Him and do know that He gives what you have according to your aptitude and capabilities. That's why you have to live based on what given to you in life. It's like when you wanna cook. You can only cook using the ingredients you are given with. You cannot make a spaghetti if you don't have pasta packs. So in life, you need to learn to live using what you're equipped with. And learn to accept any shortcomings you have. Listen to your heart. Intuition sometimes play key role in determining the big decision in life. Don't be like a crow tits who have small feet but tried hard to walk like a stork. Storks have slender long legs hence they can walk faster and stronger. So if crow tits try to walk like storks, they'd end up having their small legs broken. So you need to know your limit and when to subtly stop. In life there's no need to push things. Sometimes, if it is not meant to be, it will not be, no matter how hard you push your luck

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