Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Dead Leaves

You need not compare yourself with other people. Allah gave sustenance to everyone and every creation. Maybe you'd ask Him why you don't get as much as what others get. Believe Him and do know that He gives what you have according to your aptitude and capabilities. That's why you have to live based on what given to you in life. It's like when you wanna cook. You can only cook using the ingredients you are given with. You cannot make a spaghetti if you don't have pasta packs. So in life, you need to learn to live using what you're equipped with. And learn to accept any shortcomings you have. Listen to your heart. Intuition sometimes play key role in determining the big decision in life. Don't be like a crow tits who have small feet but tried hard to walk like a stork. Storks have slender long legs hence they can walk faster and stronger. So if crow tits try to walk like storks, they'd end up having their small legs broken. So you need to know your limit and when to subtly stop. In life there's no need to push things. Sometimes, if it is not meant to be, it will not be, no matter how hard you push your luck

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