Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Allah tahu apa yang baik untuk kamu, dan perkara yang kamu anggap buruk itu boleh jadi yg terbaik untukmu.

Jika pun kau ragui kemampuan dirimu untuk melakukan sesuatu, yakinilah pertolongan Allah swt untuk membantumu melaluinya.

Just go with the flow, for His plan is the best.

Sometimes we become confused as to whether what we do now is because of our own choice or because of His choice. Of course it started off with our own decision but if He was not willing to allow it from happening, then it will not happen. Trust what you're doing now. Go through it.

Of course it looks like bad at first sight, believe what awaits you at the finishing line is far better than the other road not taken. You've taken this road hence you are responsible to finish it.


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