Wednesday, September 28, 2016

cypher killer

The sky was filled with striking lightning.  As i was awake, i saw the light striking terror and fear into my heart as it flashes into the enclosed cave we call a bus. The bus was traversing through the darkness and it suddenly drizzled outside. I took my earphones and stuffed them into my ears trying to avoid harboring further fear from the scene.

My heart was filled with mixed feelings. How the meeting is going to be. How do i start our conversation. How would i make good first impression. Statistically speaking, it was a cogent feeling of worry since i was always giving off negative vibe during any first meeting with anyone i ever met.
I really want to improve myself. One of the ways could be changing the way i contort my face in front of other people. Rather than scowling and frowning, better curve a benevolent smile (not anyway awkward or demeaning) which can invite a lot of people into befriending you. Right? I really need to learn to control my facial expressions. Physiognomy is a field or discipline which i found to be very much interesting. It deals with the fact that the way you look can actually change the way other people treat you. Not saying that physical look is everything. But it does serve as a starting point before anything else gets started. It kind of give off a little summary about who you really all. Above all, good personality can be a cherry on top to your whole persona.

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