Monday, September 26, 2016

Demeaning Demian

When your fav boyband spearheaded by the tall brainiac with iq 148 got you mindfucked with the concept behind the coming second album this imminent october prompting you to get a copy of demian to read yet you don't wanna buy on9 book to avoid the pain of waiting and get the pdf file (one peachsoda shared on Twitter) printed instead. And you still have to struggle to read each word since the format of pdf is no frigging way comfortable to read. Rip my eyes. By the way what kind of fandom that teaches you to read some random english novel to understand their comeback. Lols. This is too epic. Or maybe stupid? But i think it's just random madness. Wahahhahaha!! #demian #bts #boysmeetevil

i know all this while you have been reading demian. hurmm.

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