Sunday, September 11, 2016

Turn around

Often i hear people say,

if only i can turn back time

I'll change a lot of things

I'll correct all the wrong things I did

And take another path instead

Take that other road not taken

One which can make me realize my true self with precious serendipity

Instead of taking the design path, I'll take the desire path people would think twice before choosing

Being deviant in any circumstance is so hard

Having to defy the society norm which pushes us to take safer route to ensure stable future

What is stable future anyway? What's in your eyes is not same as in mine.

We view worlds from a different vantage point. So what's the use of comparing.

We are even all different in every way. You can do what I can't and i can do what you can't.  Accept your aptitude. Deal with your own pitfalls. That's how the attitude should be.

Why would we deny the other road not taken?

Why don't consider the opportunity people are too afraid to chase?

Why don't go follow what your heart says?

If only I had the courage

If only I had the strength

If only I had the capacity

I could've shown my truest ability

Using my mental clarity

And my utmost capability

To awaken my serenity

And eventually achieve my tranquility

Living in my own shoes instead of others's shoes

Vexing much it hurts so hard


Regret is dangerous and destructive

Regret is the force that could undermine your future and present

Just roll with punches

Sometimes it's hard not to feel regret

Regret, remorse - they are powerful enough to drag you down

Still, regret is necessary tool to make the better you

So that you won't repeat nor reiterate

The same bloody steps which make you you who you regret

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