Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fangirling at its best.

Let's fly with BTS Wings!!!

Fans of this Brobdingnagian fandom have been anticipating the new album WINGS. Like before, each of the group album was always better than the last. They put their heart and soul (and possibly shed all their blood, sweat and tears along the way) to muster the best melody and lyrics together for the fans worldwide. The latest album is, as expected, indeed better than its predecessor in all aspects there are - the theme, story line, choreography and outfit. First, several months before, we were served with the teasers depicting those catchy tunes of several solo songs of the members (V, Jimin, Jungkook, Rapmonster, Jhope, Jin, Suga err did I just name all??) until the big bloooodyyy bomb was finally dropped 3 days ago (October 10) with the album single Blood Sweat and Tears (I don't know why the frigging heck BigHit didn't make it to be Blood Tears and Sweat so that it would simply be abbreviated as BTS but later I figured out the lyrics would seem weird if it has nae pi nunmul tta instead of nae pi tta nunmul and harder to find rhyming phrase to that lols). Are you a Korean producer now? Pretty frigging far away from even being a decent Korean. I am not even a real ARMY lols~ 

I know KPop is so dangerous that once you get sucked in you can't escape. Just like how a fly got trapped in a spider web. But it's a guilty pleasure. So you end up giving in. 

live MCountdown for 21st Century Girl by BTS, my favorite boys. honestly, all of them gave me the chills down my spines (especially V) that I was even thrown out of my bed lols!!!!!!!!

It was shocking to have over 4 million views for BST just within 24 hours!!!! Shut your painted hole!!!! And as of now, I was given to understand that the view for the single Blood Sweat and Tears was over 15 millions after 3 days of the release. BTS jjjangggg!!!! Daebakkkk!!!! So indescribable. BTS WINGS is indeed flying and soaring reaching for the skies!!! I thought it was not a big deal until I saw how old Kpop MVs only gather that much amount of view within 3 to four years!!! But BTS??? Phew, it took only 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dead*

And after I came back to live, I was killed once again with the live performance of 21st Century Girl. Oh God. Even before the release of their live, I was already HOOKED with the song! It was so catchy. And when I scrolled down my IG today and saw the snippet of V performing the song, I quickly opened YouTube to find myself screaming over the sight of the septet performing it live!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even knocked myself out of the bed lolssss... Too much to handle, huh? 

Jimin and Jhope seemed to be in the spotlight in this single. 

Having read Demian by Herman Hesse got me feeling a bit uneasy but since it had so much to do with the album I decided to finish reading it anyway. And I must say it is indeed prudent to have parental guidance for ARMYs who are underage since the lyrics seem to be be laden with adult fetishes (sexual content). I guessed BigHit is pushing the boundary for BTS so that they could hit global market and set a higher benchmark for Kpop standard for 2016. Indeed they did well at that. Just see how many Korean and international records they already made. 

Of all the songs, I like 21st Century Girl the most!!! Then I must say I am a bit disappointed by Cypher part 4. I loved Cypher part 3 the most and I was expecting part 4 would be awesomerrrrrr in some other level but to me, ughhh. Sorry to say... and there was issue regarding plagiarism..... hmmmm don't know what to say about that. Could there possibly be any attempt of sabotage? Who knows? Go interrogate the producer. 

Other songs like Lie, Begin, STIGMA and Reflection are also good.

That's all my review for BTS WINGS. 

Mic drop!!!

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