Saturday, October 01, 2016

I hereby bid thee farewell

Smells like tobacco in here.

I coughed a bit after having inhaled what appeared to be tobacco smoke. To be honest, smokers are despicable. They did not care a bit about other people apart from relinquishing themselves by sucking those killer puffs of smokes. Blergh. I hate smokes and smokers. I cursed a lot of smokers before and I really hate them. I even killed a lot of smokers before in my mind haaha. Even for bus drivers, I won't accept their justification to use tobacco to avoid drowsiness. You can nail it merely by drinking heavy coffee or maybe eat chewing gums. But smoking? Please don't kid me.

After the bus moved, i suddenly remembered the conversation with the guard at University Height, the apartment we were having our sojourn at. I was standing there, waiting for my friend to bring the car over at the lobby to load our things since that was the last day staying and we were checking out. After talking about the apartment and he telling me about his work, the man asked me how old i was.

"You think, how old am I? Come on, take a guess,"

I replied while curving a smile.

It took him about 3 seconds to give it a try.

"Twenty two?"

He said with a hint of reasonable doubt, to which i dismissed by saying i was 27. He was a bit shocked to figure out my real age. Am i looking like a 22 year old girl? A little bit flattering to have been mistaken to be that young. Can I even pass as a 22 year old if i go to the malll. Hahaha. What an imagination. I myself was quite surprised when he told me he was 30. With that physical look of him, I could've sworn that he looked like a 24 year old guy. He was shorter than me and he has this child like presence. I don't know, maybe it was the way he talked- kind of the way a curious child does. He asked a lot of things. I did not quite enjoy small talks but since it took it quite a time for my friend to arrive, i just follow the flow.

My friend arrived and we bid farewell. I clambered into the car and we set off to our friend's wedding at SRK sri permai bayan baru pulau pinang. The hall of the primary school was located in front of giant mall and a famous nasi kandar eatery, Pelita Restaurant. Alas, I didn't get to eat laksa penang! Ugh. I've been hankering to eat laksa penang made by penangite.

It was awesome - the gathering. Even when not all classmates were there, it was a fun meeting with my friends. It felt so good to see how well my friends are doing. We exchanged stories and reminisced past memories in usim.

My stay at penang was an escapism and a start of another page in my life. I think it's never gonna be easy to have a PhD scroll in my hands. Got to struggle for another 4 year or so for the sake of phd. Truth be told, i am actually shaking with terror at the thought of furthering my phd study but still i am already on the fast lane towards it. So ironic is that?

Gotta be more resilient and diligent after this. Idgaf gonna be my life motto. Lols.
10.22 pm on the bus to Terengganu.

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