Saturday, October 08, 2016

The realization of your true self who is actually a loser in this life

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Fire is among the legendary songs of BTS. It's all about being yourself and at the same time being humble. I particularly love that hint of down-to-earth tone when they say "just live your life coz it's yours. Don't try hard, it's okay to lose," just wowwwww! (Or should I paraphrase in V's word bow wow wow). This song is literally Dope!!! Ermm by the way you should also check out Dope as well and Dope is of course as Dope as the name suggests (lols self-explanatory!). 

Their songs are adulterated with simple messages about life and adulthood. It depicts the dilemma of young people going through social judgment and persecution. Social pressure and/or peer pressure are real deals. Just see how many teenagers are having stress in life messing themselves with the thought of making life decision. It's hard. Himdeorosso!

So three years now BTS just came along our way to remind us how we are actually not very much different from one another. We all live in this life bearing such hugeeeee responsibility behind our backs. But at the same time we're being reminded on how to be human. Never lose those true essence of human beings - sincerity, honesty, forgiveness, generosity, happiness. Be happy never wallow too much in sadness coz you'd end up in madness.

Mic drop!

---------------- F . I . R . E . -------------------
When I wake up in my room,
I have nothing,
Once the sun goes down,
I stumble,
I’m out of my mind,
like an insane person,
It’s all a mess,
livin’ like beep
Just live how you want
Your life is yours
Don’t try so hard
It’s alright to lose
Put your hands up and shout
Burn it up
Burning up
Burn it all Bow wow wow
Burn it all Bow wow wow
Hey, burn it up
Like you want to burn it all
Hey, turn it up
Until the dawn breaks
It’s okay to just live
We’re still young
Who do you think you are
to say otherwise
Stop comparing,
I’m just me (So what)
(Fire) The scared, this way
(Fire) The miserable, this way
(Fire) With your fists up, all night long
(Fire) In marching footsteps
(Fire) Jump, go crazy
Fire Fire, burn it all Bow wow wow
Fire Fire , burn it all Bow wow wow
Fire Fire , burn it all Bow wow wow
I’ll forgive you

Image result for bts fire 333

lollll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kasih mu dayah hahahahahha~~~

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