Saturday, November 26, 2016

Song of Solitude

 Song of Solitude 

Here i am all alone by myself
Nobody to talk to,
Nor to share my problems with,
I try to reach out for you -
Trying to ask for something,
But you're not here to give me
the helping hand,

I stare into the blank wall,
As blank as my meager presence,
As blank as my soul who is left alone,
In the darkness I quietly listen,
To the resounding sound of silence,

I can hear silence knocking inside my head,
It appears that silence has its own voice,
It creeps inside you and makes you feel lonely,
I then tried to listen to the wind instead,
What it has to offer,

The wind gushes the wind blows,
But all I hear was the sound of birds that follows,
I woke up trying to do something everyday,
I'm stuck in the pain of waiting,

Waiting in Nothingness, Loneliness -
The suffering of those two,
Strangled me and chained me to
the deepest core,
Somehow i just had to live coz I can't die.

Above all,
The most important thing is,
The realization of my lost self -
which I'd give everything to get back,

I used to live for myself,
I used to love myself and for myself,
But i hate myself now,
The prize i had to pay for shutting the very door
From which my real self can shine.

No matter you try to evade and elude the truth,
It kept coming to hit you like a wrecking ball,
It backfired,
And burn you to the ground.....

Written by: JennieFreesia 

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