Friday, December 30, 2016

In the name of randomness

My sister used to say my blogger url sounds funny. And one of her friends said how cheesy and lousy it sounds - jannahheaven. Jannah is heaven itself: an Arabic word. And.... it is actually based my name - JANNAH. Nae eurummeun Jennie. Hakhak. 

I don't blame people coz it is an epitome of redundancy, like Honey Madu. So much redundancy, so much stress on one word. Well, is it wrong anyway? Lols.

Just so you know peeps, my original name was Nailah, but somehow it got changed to Jannah when i was a little baby. There was some controversies over naming me. Hehe. I love Jannah more, by the way, and maybe there was a parallel universe of me being born as Nailah. And that particular parallel universe had eventually sink in and dissolve in the background of my life. Hehe. So unique right? String theory is.

People used to call me Jennie, Jane, Jan Di, Jan, Jemah Jendol Joyah (lols the last three are made up). My name is indeed unique I just love it lols.


(So much for a narcissistic rant on names)

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