Monday, December 19, 2016

the amazing black seed

hey there. i must tell you that my body is not the way it used to be. i tend to be sick all the time, especially my right foot. maybe this is something Allah gave to me as a atonement for bad deeds i had done before. i even asked of Allah to give me a small punishment (like a small injury on limbs) so that at every sight of the wound or bruise, i would be reminded of the 10000 times more painful punishment in the hereafter as a balasan to all bad things i do and i would be afraid of repeating my sins all over again. but, the thought of deliberately hurting myself really made me scared and i didn't have the capacity to do it so i just prayed to him so that it would happen to my by accident. am i crazy or what? or maybe a lab accident away from being a masochist. lols. yet somehow, miraculously, on that same day i tripped and fell and my right foot went right under the fridge which got me quite a severe bruise at my ankle. it was sooo painful! and it took quite some time for it to properly heal but somehow it backfired now - the pain reemerged.

hence, i went out to the market and got myself a bottle of black seed coz i believe what our prophet said about the black seed or habbatussauda. annnd to my surprise, i feel better. i chewed about 20 black seeds and drank water afterwards and it was amazing what it did to me, especially the tummy part. it helps detoxifying my body system. and somehow, the pain i felt at my joints soothed! amazing right! so 20 seeds right before sleeping and 20 seeds right after waking up in Fajr. biiznillah, all diseases will go away. 


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