Monday, December 05, 2016

look into the heart

The look captures the eyes, but the personality captures the heart.

I love that quote by the way. We really must admit that most of the time, a lot of people actually would go for the appearance first before liking someone. It’s true – the very first thing we notice of a person is how they look. And it is amalgamated into our nature, as human beings, to love the sight of beauty: beautiful sceneries, beautiful faces, and beautiful views. However, we must not judge their personality solely based on the appearance because it can often be deceiving. Of course how you appear physically can somewhat suggest your personality or how it actually can define you as a person but it is not always 100% true. If you really want to keep someone forever by your side, it is of utmost importance for you to get to know to their core: the heart. You will need to build a relationship to see not only how your preferences and differences collide or coalesce but also how much of the other person personality catches your heart.

I got my eyes on you.

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