Thursday, February 23, 2017


Banyak synchronisation berlaku antara aku dan another B blooded friend. We were on the same page most of the time!

Pasal lofattah pon kitorang agree on the same thing: lofa perguna dan permain fattah. Sekejap nak sekejap taknak. Haish rimas lah! Too much drama simply to make use of their one shot popularity to gain more popularity to gather more followers and whatnot ugh. 

Pasal jodoh pon kitorang in accord with one another: makin lama tggu makin best. Mcm memasak. Biar kene masak lama skit dalam oven. Bukan ke makin lama masak makin sedap... hahaha!

Pasal suzy miss A pon sama pendapat: annoyed sebab dia ni overrated and gedik lols. Hahha. Kalau dah tak suke tu nak buat mcm mana kan. 

Pasal personality of person we recently got to know at the same time - we also had the same view: dia lonely dan perlu masa utk dia biarkan kita masuk dalam dunia dia. Kene ketuk2 hard shell baru dia open to other people. That's how he or she gains trust. It takes time. Or maybe i get to feel that way in understanding that person's nature simply because it takes one to know one. Maybe I myself was like that - always had to adapt a lil bit too long before finally opening myself. That's why I kind of understand that kind of people. And that's why people always misunderstand me -  I tend to give off wrong first impression when actually, I am a soft lil mochi inside (wow more food analogy are you JiminMochi?)

Of all cases, I think I am slowly learning to become more mature. I try my best to understand people instead of judging them for whatever behavior they show although statistically speaking, other people didn't do the same thing when it comes to me being all reticent and taciturn, masking all the sadness inside while hoping someone would step in and help soothe my weary soul......


it's okay. If i was being left alone, I will not do the same to others. Spread love, and positivity, and see how the world changes - for better.

By the way, Korea and Bangtanseonyeondan wil always be in my kokoro. Zettaini wasurenai. 


P/s: nak cari jodoh dengan org darah B lah macam ni.

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