Friday, March 10, 2017


When you try to calm down and get things done one by one, it feels refreshing. One of the documented weaknesses of women is our tendency to connect all the problems at hands producing a huge chunk of wrecking ball inside our mind, which resulted in chaos in the chambers of thought and it gave us restlessness hence making us overwhelmed with all those feelings of anger, worry and irritation. At the end, you just felt pressured and stressed resulting in elevated amount of cortisol in blood, which is bad. So, instead of troubling yourself by overthinking, try to relax, and resort to men's way of tackling problems i.e. list down everything you want to settle or solve on a piece of paper. By doing so, it helps you to break down your problems into small pieces and you can figure out which step to take in order to solve it according to priorities and order. Indeed it is so true. That's how I tackle my problems - list down everything on a piece of paper.

By the way, the weakness that I mentioned above is not really a weakness. The ability of us, women, to connect all things together come in handy when we do chores - it allows us to multitask greatly. Apart from that, it enables us to connect all those people who are beloved in our life when we take a stroll down the memory lane. Our ability to connect all things at once enables us to love more and appreciate more. 

That's what differentiates men and women. We live to complete one another but at times, women are expected to do what men can do, and to think the way men think. Truthfully, it's hard. Being a woman nowadays is harder than it was 10 to 20 years ago. We are expected to expand our inner mind apart from our outer beauty (which is most likely expected from men). That's a hard cookie.

Nothing ever comes easy. You must work for it.


Daftar belajar dengan my mom. Rase mudah je perjalanan daftar sebab doa mak kan makbul. Berkat bawak mak la mudah je rasa proses semua tu.

Depan asrama.

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