Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Life is another name for IRONY

Life might seem simple,
when it's actually not,
So many things you stumble,
happen for reasons not for naught.

Of all people you encounter,
not all will become your banter,
some will become enemies,
some eventually become families.
with whom you share the sorrow,
and all the cries that follow.

Sometimes you gotta ask,
Why me why this?
Everyone has a past,
but you chose dwell 
not peace.

Foul memories make you scowl,
Robbing you off your sanity,
They are like predators in a prowl,
haunting you for eternity.

Revenge is smoldering inside,
Killing you under your skin,
Smothered in smokes you are trapped,
Lost in grudges and guilt.

Take a step to forgive,
and another to forget,
Live a life to receive,
Give and take -
a nice way to live.

Fear is a bitch,
it keeps you from being you,
It is something you need to ditch,
coz it's a glitch that will defeat you.

A flicker of light,
A twitch of gaze,
A drop of tears,
A glimpse of shadow,
hidden - eluded,

It feels funny,
to see all the irony,
God knows how and why,
and I shall go ask Him when I die.

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