Sunday, August 06, 2017

you never walk alone

nothing is truer than that. 

often i think i was all alone in living in this world. alone here means that i was the only one being tested, in a particular personal way. in fact, upon meeting a lot of people and trading stories with them, i realized how similar we truly are. that's why when you feel down or upset, find someone to talk about it. its okay to expose your vulnerability to those who care. this is one of the ways to bounce back to your natural self and to  help you move on. 

it was such a big epiphany when i figured that most of my friends are experiencing the same thing as mine. you don't realize how many people around you with whom you share the same common grounds. just go out of your isolation, meet people, ask their stories, and you will be bewildered. 

all in all, you truly never walk alone.

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