Monday, November 20, 2017

Catch feels

Who likes sarcasm?


I know I'm no one. But I'm still trying my best to do this. When this week I finally know what I should do, a lot of other things hindered me e.g. the instruments broke down like FTIR and XRD. So I had to delay my works. But still it doesn't mean that I could idly sit down and relax. I should read or write. But maybe that makes my colleague see me as being lazy hence the snarky remark. He saw me when I was doing nothing but he didn't see me when I was busy. So it felt so unfair to be treated like that. I hate this feeling. People say don't let other's words get to you, unless if it's true. So if it bothers you, it means something bad, and you need to do something about it.

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