Thursday, April 12, 2018


reality of the life is that, once you enter adulthood, you must learn to embrace the word responsibility. and fyi, this word means a world to an adult. you must be not only independent, responsible but also accountable. how far can you take charge of your own action?

like what my sv said, 

"you are a student, it's still acceptable if you make mistakes. but once you came to be a staff in a working environment, and if you commit one mistake, it will always be remembered, no matter how many good deeds you had done. it's a cruel world out there."

Indeed it was  is. 

I know.

And I also know that my main weakness is that I am not creative. Once you become a postgraduate student, you must be creative in the sense that you know what to do next. You got to be good in planning and have sequential plan of works. When I know what I have to do, I feel so good. I feel accomplished. But the main obstacle is, how to pick a starting point. Like Halimah said,

"Don't procrastinate, just do it."

Yes thanks sister for that. I know I am a procrastinator and I hate that. It's okay when you were an undergrad student, but not okay when you are a research student. Procrastination is the nemesis. 

You need to know what to do next, need to know what to read next, need to know your pathways. Or else you gotta face bad consequences. 

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